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To Our Wonderful Customers!


We want to thank each of our fabulous Customers for all of your business and loyalty over these many years. Your commitment to our brand has been inspiring and heartwarming. 


It is with sadness that we must share this unfortunate news. The domino effect of the Covid-19 lockdown, the continued supply chain issues, and staggering inflation has increased our costs beyond our ability to remain profitable. 


As a result, Hendrikus Organics has halted all retail sales as of April 1st 2023. 


Being a small family-run company that insists on using only the finest of ingredients in our formulas, and production methods that create consistent great results, our products are already a more expensive choice. We cannot cut corners to save costs that would result in a product beneath our standards of quality that in the long-run would disappoint our Customers.


Hendrikus Landscape & Design ( will continue to design & create projects, and we will still produce our soils and fertilizers for the landscape construction and design work that we do.


This has been a difficult choice, and it is very hard for us to say goodbye to our product line and to our amazing Customers. Again, our heartfelt thanks to all.


Hendrikus & Nirav

Hendrikus Organics

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