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Custom Blends

Hendrikus Organics EssentialSoil™ Custom Blends
EssentialSoil™ Landscape Blend

This is the simplest blend, comprised of the basic ingredients that retain the texture and properties of all EssentialSoil™ blends. Designed for general landscaping, landscape architecture, and gardening. Inoculate with microbial tea during installation and organic fertilization after planting.

EssentialSoil™ Turf Blend

Ingredients are used to create a soil that is compaction resistant and whose microbial profile is suited to professional lawn and turf fields. This turf blend will not require chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Install a minimum of 12″ deep. Added depth increases moisture retention and root depth and can result in water savings of up to 75% compared with turf build on thin poor soils. For deep turf installations install and roll in 6″ lifts. Turf will not need initial fertilization. Inoculate with microbial tea during installation.

EssentialSoil™ Structural Blend

Blended for use under sidewalks, ramps and heavy foot traffic areas. The structural blend does not sink, settle, or rut when driven on. Sufficient air pores are created that ensures that root growth is not hampered, while structural integrity is maintained.

EssentialSoil™ Erosion Control Blend

This blend has been formulated for exceptional strength, permeability, water retention, root growth, and erosion resistance. This blend is used primarily when erosion control is of prime importance. Use this blend when ever slope adherence and exceptional plant and root growth is required. On exceptionally steep slopes, (over 1:1) air placement will achieve superior sheer strength and adherence to the slope. Inoculate with microbial tea during installation.

EssentialSoil™ Nursery Blend

Similar to the Turf Mix, this blend has more organic matter without some of our special compact resistant materials. This mix has demonstrated wonderful results in growing anything from ground covers to trees. It also comes in two forms: fungal dominant mix for evergreen trees, shrubs and various other plants, and bacterial dominant mix for perennials, grasses, certain ground covers, annuals, etc.

EssentialSoil™ Blends are available at the following locations in bulk:

TE Walrath
4512 56th Street NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
(253) 531-7499

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Mon - Fri (7:30am to 4:00pm)
Sat (8am to 4pm)


Lyngso Garden Materials
345 Shoreway Road,
San Carlos, CA 94070
(650) 364-1730

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Mon - Sat (7am to 5pm)
Sun (8am to 4pm)

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