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Stop applying chemicals on our landscapes!!!

Mission Statement

To rid our  lawns and landscapes of chemicals!!  To eliminate the horrible chemical isle in Big Box stores, hardware stores, and other wholesale suppliers.  To restore soils and protect our water, nature, and people!!   

Restore Soils Founder

Michael Schafer

Michael is a native of the Pacific Northwest and has always been passionate about healthy turf and soil. He grew up playing golf alongside his father and grandfather and scored his first golf course job at 14 years old! He attended Oregon State University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture with an option in Turf & Landscape Management, as well as took additional classes in Soil Science and Environmental Health and Safety. With over 30 years of experience in golf course management, commercial landscape management, property management, launching new garden products, and garden/turf distribution of synthetic and organics.  He spent his early years managing over 2000 acres of landscape at a military training camp where he got to watch soldiers parachute from airplanes while he worked!   With all this experience in the green industy he learned we have been maintaining landscapes wrong for decades.   Forgetting about our soil and manipulating plants and turf leads to problems and chemical applications!!!  The healthiest turf he has ever grown has been with Hendrikus Organics products with proper culture practices!!  


Michael actively spends time out in the field engaging new and existing clients. As our resident Turf Expert, you will find him giving talks at special gardening and lawn care events throughout the Puget Sound working hard to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our products and that they follow a maintenance program that shows results. When not at work, Michael enjoys spending time with his family out in nature doing activities such as hiking, riding bikes, camping, and playing sports. His family has several cats, three of which came meowing at their door one morning begging to move in – of course they could not say, no! He maintains a healthy lifestyle by getting plenty of exercise and eating healthy.  

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