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Our Philosophy

When Nature and the book disagree

...throw away the book.

~ Hendrikus

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is founded in our deep respect and understanding of Nature, and our desire for people to experience the outstanding success possible when using an effective organic approach. Using our decades of experience working with diverse soils and conditions, we have developed our premier line of organic fertilizers that provide outstanding results. But we feel that is not enough. We have also taken our expertise on how to work with soils and nutrients and created easy to use programs that help guarantee your success, no matter what you are growing.

Our History

Hendrikus Organics has its roots in the extensive backgrounds of its founders, Hendrikus and Nirav. Hendrikus' early beginnings in organic agriculture and construction, and Nirav in the organic approach to health and edible gardening, took each on their own paths towards creating healthy environments and healthy lifestyles.

Early in the 1970's Hendrikus started one of the first organic environmental landscape installation firms in the nation. In 1986, joined by Nirav, they combined their knowledge and expanded their efforts in the organic approach to thriving gardens and thriving health.

Garnering over 65 awards for environmental excellence, their hands-on experience formed the basis for the field-tested, result-proven organic products of Hendrikus Organics. Their environmental excellence is based on their understanding of the complexities of Nature and how her many facets fit and work together. No chemicals, no synthetic approach. Just working with Nature the way she intended.

From this combination of innate wisdom, intuition and science they have created outstanding products that give incredible results, along with programs and education to help every client be successful with organics.


Hendrikus was born on an organic farm in Holland at a time when traditional organic farming was the way of life. He was raised to understand the soil; how it works to create and sustain plant health; how to keep it nutrient rich and alive. He learned the traditions of working with the environment organically, keeping nature in balance, and understanding how that balance is essential to the health of all life. He learned to use his senses, experience and intuition to understand the ebb and flow of the environment, the needs of the land and the crops. He is old school in the ways that count; ways too often forgotten today yet still pertinent.

Hendrikus experienced firsthand the negative impacts, problems and destruction that chemical use brought to his farm when his farther tried the “new” methods of farming that were touted after World War II. That was short-lived – the negative repercussions too blatant for the schooled and experienced organic farmer, and the farm soon returned to the organic approach.


His firm, Hendrikus Group, has been at the forefront of sustaining the environment naturally and pioneering the organic approach in the Pacific Northwest for over 35 years, and on multi-continents over the last 15 years. The methods that he so successfully used at home, he brought to his landscape construction business. Over the years he has successfully adapted, innovated and time-tested organic products and methods in his projects. From fertilizer blends, living soil blends (called EssentialSoil™) to nutrient and compost teas, he continues to research and develop ways to restore, sustain and enhance our natural environment. He was the first landscape company in the nation to test and use compost tea in his nursery and landscapes. Today’s compost tea is a high-tech take-off of the traditional farm methods he used to fertilize their crops.

He has earned more environmental excellence and design awards than any other landscape construction firm in the Puget Sound. He has been acclaimed internationally, nationally and regionally, and is a requested speaker at many environmental forums, covering topics of organics, living soils, environmentally sound construction practices, and erosion control. All of his projects are based on a solid organic approach, using living soil, and designs that maintain nature’s balance.

Hendrikus Organics, a division of the Hendrikus Group, was founded in order to offer his organic fertilizer and soil blends, methods and knowledge direct to the public. Turning to an organic approach is not complicated. It starts with the soil. The healthier the soil becomes, the easier it is to maintain. The healthier the soil becomes, the healthier the plants, the healthier our water, the healthier our environment.


Born and raised in Chicago, Nirav became intrigued with organics and living a healthy lifestyle in her teens, long before they were even topics of discussion – because it made sense. She headed for new territories in her early twenties, drove cross-country in her decked out Volkswagen Beetle (a classic today!) to see what the West Coast and a new frontier would offer. Settling in the San Francisco Bay and Santa Rosa areas for 10 years, she furthered her education and experience in business strategies and solutions, and continued her interests in health, fitness and man’s physical and spiritual connection to nature and all of life.

Health and wellbeing has been a solid foundation in her philosophy, career and activities ever since. It was never a question to her that we should love and respect nature, treat our environment with care, take responsibility for our own health, and treat each other with the same energy we want to receive ourselves. Raised with traditional old school values, she is an adamant walk your talker, with a German-Cherokee heritage that gets things done.


She combined her energies with Hendrikus’ expertise in the 1980’s and from there they brought their landscape construction company to the cutting edge of environmental design integrity and creativity, earning numerous awards and setting a new standard in the Puget Sound for what constituted quality and artisanry.

Passionate about organics, she and Hendrikus brought their own blend of organic fertilizers to their landscapes in the 1980’s, and from there she forwarded the Hendrikus Organics division of the Hendrikus Group to the well-known and highly respected brand it is today. Wanting to reach more people with their organic message she developed and designed their websites, instigated their role on the King5 Ciscoe show, and continues to promote, educate and supply people with ways to create a healthier, more energetic and fulfilling lifestyle.

It is my passion and my commitment to inspire people to move to an organic lifestyle, to improve their health, have a youthful energy and vitality no matter their age, and to open their eyes and mind to ways to improve our planet and our environment.

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