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The properties of humic acids are so remarkable that even if we joined the efforts of all chemists of the world we could not manage to synthesize anything similar. Humic acids have been presented to us by Mother Nature and they link the evolution of living and lifeless matter.


100% Organic Carbon-Rich Soil Conditioner & Nutrient Catalyst

HuMagic® is a dynamic soil builder, conditioner and nutrient catalyst from a unique carbon-rich deposit of humus, comprised of predominantly lignin based vegetation, aged for centuries to a stable state. This living humus is one of the finest humates on the market, rich in active, available humic and fulvic acids, carbon, natural macro and micro nutrients along with trace minerals. There is often much confusion between what is humus and what is compost. Humus is what compost aspires to be. It is a major component of mature compost and is what makes it rich, dark and earthy. Humus is what compost becomes when it has microbially decomposed to a stable state where it can no longer decompose further. At this state it is so stable that it can stay as humus for thousands of years if undisturbed. Its role in soil fertility is not only essential, it is crucial. 

HuMagic’s® performance, both in liquid and granular form, has been proven effective for all agricultural and horticultural uses. HuMagic® is the only humate product that contains naturally occurring beneficial microbes. It has the highest fixed carbon source of humates on the market and provides readily available humic and fulvic acids and humins from an exclusive regenerating source.

  • Physically: improves soil structure, workability, porosity, water holding capacity, cation and anion exchange.

  • Biologically: enhances the activities of beneficial micro-organisms, stimulating their growth and proliferation; increases plant cell energy and accelerates cell division; stimulates plant enzymes; increases root system development; and aids in photosynthesis.

  • Chemically: chelates beneficial inorganic plant nutrients, especially iron and phosphorus into a stable soluble form available to plants; protect plants from harmful elements by making them insoluble.

  • Nutritionally: improves water uptake by plants; enhances uptake of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur, benefiting micro-organisms that in turn benefit the plants; acts as a catalyst for fertilizer to increase nutrition in plant tissues.

With HuMagic® available in both liquid and granular form, its application methods meet the needs and preferences of all types of growers, landscapers,  golf course & estate managers, gardeners and homeowners. With its powerful nutrient enhancing and soil conditioning abilities, HuMagic™ will improve plant health, vitality and production while it increases soil fertility and water holding capacity. Although science knows what humus does and the process that goes on to create this mysterious material, it has yet to understand why the decomposition process stops at this carbon rich organic humus in soil that give soil its life and fertility, and in turn, all of life on this planet. We consider it nature’s magic, and we name our product after that… HuMagic®.

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