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Products available to ship and limited pick up from warehouse North of Tacoma. 

Your best option is to buy from a local retail store if near one in Washington, and please support them.  If not near a store I can ship products to you anywhere in the US.  


I will offer volume discounts depending on size of order.  Please email order to with name and shipping address.  I will email back cost with shipping by Fedex.  If you want to pick up mention will call in email.  Minimum to pick up is $100 in product purchases.   


Products can be paid by credit card or mailing me a check.  Sales tax charged for sales in Washington.


Nitrogen Plus 10-0-2  40# Bags - $69.99 + shipping

Seasons  8-0-4  40# Bags - $69.99 + shipping 

Complete 6-4-4  40# Bags - $69.99 + shipping 

Organobloom 5-2-4 40# Bags - $69.99 + shipping

Turf Seed  3# bags   $25.00 + shipping

Turf Seed  8# bags  $54.00 + shipping

Turf Seed  46# bags   $170 + shipping 

Turf Seed  50# bags $185  (Local Warehouse pick up only in Washington) ) 

HuMagic 40# bags  $69.99 + shipping

AxisDE (Granular Diatomaceous Earth)

25# bags  $29.99 + shipping 

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