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Bloedel  Reserve

Bloedel Reserve is one of the  nicest  botanical gardens in the US!!    The reserve is  on Bainbridge  Island on the edge of Puget Sound.   They  wanted to have no impact on the sound,  environment, and have Beautiful turf.   We started talking with them about 4 years ago and they were interested in trying our organic fertilizers.    Nitrogen Plus 10-0-2 and Seasons 8-0-4  were applied to the turf and the results have been outstanding.   They get a consistent release of nutrients,  no odor, and low dust.  Plus no impact on the soil, sound,  and wildlife!!    


If you have a chance to stop by and walk their gardens we encourage  it you won't be disappointed!!

Woodland Park Zoo

Exciting Things are Happening

The benefits of Hendrikus Organic fertilizers and stimulants are helping the Zoo go organic and significantly reduce their use of pesticides. That is a challenge when you have a large Rose Garden and a plethora of plant species, from tropical to natives, from around the world, in your collection. Plus large expanses of turf with regular traffic.

The Zoo is 92 acres with a 50% tree canopy, so that is a lot of trees, shrubs, plants and turf to keep healthy. With each application the soil, the plants and grass get healthier and are able to more efficiently use our organic fertilizers and biological stimulants. That means better nutritional uptake, less fertilizer needed to feed the plants, and stronger defenses to fight off insects and disease.

Woodland Park  Zoo Rose Garden.jpg
City of Redmond

Parks and Sportsfield Go Green

We are delighted with the results the City of Redmond continues to see over the last 8 years with their program of using Hendrikus Organics turf fertilizers to replenish, maintain and sustain the healthy, lush lawns at their parks.

Not only does the organic approach create a carpet of lush grass, but it offers a safer environment for park users and their families and pets. Our thanks to the City of Redmond for going organic@

Here's what they had to say after the first year on our program.

We have been using Hendrikus’ Seasons Turf Blend 100% organic fertilizer at some of our park sites for over a year and have been very satisfied with the results. We get a consistent, long-lasting green turf and we appreciate the low-dust, low-odor formulation. This product has helped us make the transition to 100% organic fertilizer at all our park sites and I get satisfaction from knowing we’re not just feeding the turf, we’re building healthy soil

Meg A., City of Redmond, WA, Park Operations

City of Redmond-Anderson Park 20160629_133420.jpg
City of Sammamish

Sportsfield Goes Organic

A beautiful community alongside Lake Sammamish now boasts a healthy, sustainable organic park system. They had been 100% synthetic until their switch to Hendrikus Organics. With every season their turf improves with hardier, healthier, lush turf that is a joy to play on.

Turf Program - First Year 

They began using Nitrogen Plus 10-0-2 and Seasons 8-0-4 in the Spring of 2016. After the first application that Spring, their turf started greening within a week and continued steadily over the next 3 months. Pleased with the products’ performance, they followed up with Summer and Fall applications.

In particular, they love Hendrikus Organics products because there is no chance to burn or streak the turf, plus zero chance of any leaching of nutrients into Lake Sammamish.

They further expanded their organics program with aerating the turf and over-seeding each season with Hendrikus Organics turf seed.

City of Sammamish 2010629_141303.jpg
Trilogy at Redmond Ridge

Trilogy is a huge HOA with 1,522 homes and 1 million square feet of turf that was built in a watershed on Redmond Ridge in towering fir trees, wetlands, and walking trails. A beautiful place to call home. During construction of the homes and roads the native forest soil was removed down to the glacial till, creating a very difficult environment in which to grow turf.

Rather, it became host to moss that would form on most of the lawns each season sometimes to cover the entire lawn. In winter the lawns would turn yellow.

Soil testing in 2012 showed pH readings as low as 4.5 on large areas of the property. We started an aggressive turf renovation program to restore soil health and raise pH that we customized to their situation. Over the last 2 years the property has transitioned from using synthetic fertilizers to Hendrikus Organics 10-0-2 Nitrogen Plus and Seasons 8-0-4, a superior option when considering the ongoing runoff into the watershed.

The renovation program’s goal to increase microbial activity, reduce thatch build up, and make the turf a lush green and healthy without all the crazy synthetic growth has shown excellent early returns as the turf continues to get healthier and greener every season.

Trilogy 20170915_143617_resized.jpg
YMCA Sportsfield - Auburn

Transformation in the First Year

The YMCA Sportsfield was in trouble...mostly dead grass and bare areas, when Hendrikus Organics sat down with the YMCA Manager to write up an organic program that would breathe life and lush green back into their field.

Coming up with a plan began with using soil tests to confirm the field observations of a nutrient deficient sandy soil that would not retain water or fertilizers. The soil tested with a low pH and was low in phosphorus. A solid organic plan for revitalization was exactly what would provide stable nutrients and a much healthier turf.


YMCA Year Two.jpg

The first stage of the plan started with over-seeding the entire field with Hendrikus Turf Seed (70% Perennial Rye & 30% Fine Fescue). Lime was then applied to raise the soil pH and Axis was applied to improve water and nutrient retention.  The field was then fertilized with Hendrikus Organics Nitrogen Plus 10-0-2 and Soil Enhancer 2-13-0 for a solid, restorative nutrient base.

The results were outstanding. After just 7 days the seed germinated throughout the field. After 2 weeks the new grass was filling in across the entire field in beautiful green. The YMCA Sports Field went from being dead and bare, to alive and rich green, in just 2 weeks.

Tickled with the results, they have continued with our program, using additional applications of Hendrikus Organics fertilizers to continue getting it healthier, greener and lusher.

Another bonus to their switch to our organic food source, their turf grows slower and steadier, which cuts down on their mowing maintenance.

Lawn Improvement Spotlight

Sports Radio 950 KJR’s “You Can Only Have One” Contest Winner

In Spring of 2020, Dave “Softy” Mahler (new window) of Seattle sports station 950 KJR held a NCAA-Style Bracket Contest where listeners cast votes for who they thought was the better player between two present or past sports icons. The winner selected the Hendrikus Organics Lawn Renovation prize package!

More About This Year’s Winner

June 5th Sue Lawn 2020.jpg
Lawn Improvement Spotlight

Seattle's WORST Lawn 2019

Dave “Softy” Mahler of 950 KJR FM radio called upon the listeners of Seattle to submit their worst lawn pictures for a chance at winning a complete lawn makeover courtesy of Hendrikus Organics!The makeover would consist of free soil testing and an application of Hendrikus Organics seed, fertilizers, and soil amendments on an as-needed basis depending on the condition of the turf and soil.

More About Last Year's Winner

Lawn Improvement Spotlight

Dave “Softy” Mahler

After completing Softy’s lawn renovation, noticeable results were abundant almost immediately. This could be seen through better soil texture and a softness to the grass that could be compared to an outdoor carpet - fit for even the most sensitive bare feet.

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