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Plant Starter

StartRight® Organic Plant Starter

Just as with babies of all types, humans, animal or plant, how they are nurtured and fed in their delicate infancy has a dramatic impact on their health as they mature.


With plants, so much of what is important to their growth and vitality is hidden beneath the soils. So go the roots….so go the plant!  By using an effective, organic starter you can provide ‘baby’ plants with the necessary beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae needed to get their hair roots off to a great start. This root and hair root development comes first before a plant can start up-taking the nutrients it needs. Providing them with the best resource for enhancing their roots gets them off to a great start.


The same goes for transplants regardless of size or type. When the roots are disturbed by digging up and moving a plant, it goes into a state of shock, some varieties of plants worse than others. By using our plant starter the root systems will get immediate aid in developing their new hair roots so they can take up the moisture and nourishment they need to get over their shock of being moved and better adapt to their new environment.

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