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Wetlands Remediation Project

WALP Awards
“San Juan Island Wetland Remediation Project” - The Hendrikus Group 
2004 WALP Environmental Landscape Award Winner

The San Juan Remediation project is a multifaceted 40 plus acre project that combines wetlands remediation, lake and stream construction, road design and construction, erosion control, as well as native plant design. It was a multi-season project. It began by consulting with wetlands and hydraulic engineers. Hendrikus modified overall plans to achieve both the hydraulic and storm water requirements of the project while creating naturalistic island and plant communities. Trails, a boat dock, along with sitting areas and hidden sandy beaches all provide a diverse experience. This project also fused habitat reconstruction and preservation of archaeological sites with planting design. Special site amended soils were engineered for maximum wetland and native plant performance.

Special problems encountered included the removal of thousands of yards of existing fill dirt for excavation of lakes that called for continuous pumps operating to remove incoming water from upper wetlands areas. While work was in process, this 43 acre job site suffered the worst rainstorm events in recorded history. This call for round-the-clock working conditions (using light towers through the night) to prevent washouts from occurring. By the end of the storm, there were only three minor washouts, and our crew was able to keep an influx of over 8,000 gallons of water per minute under control.  

There were also logistical challenges involved in completing this project, such as delivery of materials and supplies to a remote island location and working with and protecting very sensitive archaeological sites. The Hendrikus Group also fabricated over 18,000 cubic yards of organic topsoil on site and arranged a specific area for brewing Compost Tea, which remained on the premises for the owner’s use upon completion of the project.  

This project received a Grand Award in the Unique category. The Hendrikus Group was also given an Awards Committee Special Recognition honoring their continued excellence and high standards of professionalism in the landscaping industry.  

The Hendrikus Group has been the recipient of over 50 state, national and international awards for environmental excellence and erosion control technology.  

Hendrikus Schraven’s European background in agriculture and construction has given him a firm foundation in soil ecology, structural applications and design, and the role organics in environmental health. 

Since 1972, he has made the Seattle Puget Sound area his home and within two years established what has become one of the most respected environmentally conscious landscape, construction and design companies in the Pacific Northwest.  

He's has been asked to speak throughout the country and as far away as China covering the topics organics, living soils, environmentally sound construction practices and erosion control. He works close with other cutting-edge innovators to advance natural alternatives to regional and global problems.  

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