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Testing Data

EssentialSoil™ Testing Data

Numerous tests were done to scientifically confirm EssentialSoil’s ability to withstand erosive weather, decrease water runoff, and virtually eliminate sediment discharge.

These were all done in laboratories under controlled conditions and included the following tests. Click on the link for the detailed reports.

Shannon & Wilson Inc.

EssentialSoil Tests – GeoTech

Geotechnical and Environmental Consultants
Seattle, Washington

  • Shear strength testing using direct and tilt table methods

  • Observations of actual on-site applications.

  • Direct shear test friction angle of 45 degrees

  • Tilt table show friction test in excess of 50 degrees, one test showed 72 degrees

  • On site observation confirmed laboratory testing

San Diego State University

Soil Erosion Research Laboratory
San Diego, California

EssentialSoil SDSU Tests

  • Runoff characteristics and sediment retention under simulated rainfall conditions following testing protocol developed for Caltrans studies.

  • Reduction in sediment was 99-100%

  • Reduction in runoff was 60% and released at a steady rate

Soil Foodweb, Inc.

Corvallis, Oregon

Soil Foodweb Test Result 1

Soil Foodweb Test Results 2

  • Organism Biomass and Ratio tests for Fungal, Bacteria, Protozoa, Nematode, Mycorrhizal Colonization from installation to six months

  • Excellent numbers. Soil enhances the disease-suppressive, nutrient-retaining, nutrient-cycling and soil structure building organisms.

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