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Grower Programs


To be a successful organic grower in today’s climate, it not only needs to be your passion, you need favorable winds, a growers’ market and a program that sets your crop apart from the competition. Raising the level of what you grow to a higher standard of excellence can be accomplished without increasing costs. What might appear more expensive at the outset, becomes cheap in the long run. And it is the long run that’s what we need to be looking at. How can we get the most disease resistance and save on bio pesticide costs? How can we increase our output and decrease labor? How can we increase nutritional density so our product stands out amongst the rest and increases demand for OUR produce?

Read the story of Farmer Al of Frog Hollow Farms and listen to Adam at Secret Beach Plantation’s Turmeric Farm on how Hendrikus Organics improved their entire growing operation and their bottom line.

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