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World's Best Turmeric

The Story of Adam and the Secret Beach Plantation

Secret Beach Plantation is a lovely farm on the North Shore of Kauai that was a recent start-up by the Hay Family. The farming operation is run by Adam, the Hay family son. Their farm land extensively stretches over rolling hills just above the northern Kauai shoreline. As they began preparing their farm in 2012, they initially started with young fruit trees of numerous varieties.  After an on-site consult with Hendrikus to assess their soil conditions, they started on our organic program designed for their soil needs, using our organic Soil Builders and Soil Feeders.

Their fruit trees grew vigorously, with abundant health, and reached production size two years ahead of norm, producing bountiful, flavorful, juicy crops year after year. This started their farm off with a great beginning for creating markets and loyal customers.

In their pursuit of the best crops for expanding their farming, they decided to grow turmeric. The health, vitality, flavor, fullness and nutrient density they experienced with their turmeric grown on the Hendrikus Organic Growers Program has increased the demand for their turmeric so drastically they are not only called the World’s Best Turmeric, they are opening up more acres every year to growing turmeric to keep up with the demand.

Ask Adam, he’ll tell you, the Hendrikus Organics products will seem expensive compared to many others on the market, but none bring the resounding market growth, product recognition and demand, and the financial gains than investing in the Hendrikus Organics Programs.

Thank you Adam! We are delighted in your success! And … your turmeric IS the WORLD’S BEST!

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